How can I help rebuild collagen in my face?

We all lose collagen in our skin due to normal aging, UV exposure, and dietary habits, leading to wrinkles and less plump, youthful looking skin.  We lose about 1% per year starting in our mid-20s.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in connective tissue, including skin. The majority of it is in the dermal layer which provides structure to the skin. Collagen is also important for wound healing. The dermis is a deeper layer of the skin so collagen creams do not absorb well enough to penetrate to this layer and are not effective. Any result seen from creams is more from the moisturizing effects than from an actual collagen boost.

There is growing evidence that oral supplementation may increase collagen production in the skin, increasing skin elasticity, decreasing wrinkles, decreasing dryness and increasing blood flow to the skin.  Studies caution that there is a lack of regulation on the quality, absorption and efficacy of oral collagen products and more research is needed in this field, but in general oral collagen has been shown to be safe.

Dermatology providers typically rely more on procedures for stimulating collagen production, like fractionated lasers, IPL, and microneedling, and also injectable fillers. These procedures and products directly target the dermis which stimulates your own collagen production and they have a proven and safe track record. –Yara White, PA-C

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